Manage Omnichannel Orders in One Dashboard with Flexibility and Ease

Hopstack’s order management suite helps fulfillment centers in consolidating all their offline and online orders in one place and allows for high workflow flexibility and visibility.
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How Hopstack Simplifies Order Management

Multi-channel Integration

Never miss an order from all your offline and online points of sale with our out-of-the-box library of 50+ ERP, e-commerce and marketplace integrations.

Intelligent Batching

Hopstack’s AI-driven batching algorithm analyzes past data on stock movement and combines orders intelligently to save picking and fulfillment time.

Order Analytics

Analyze your performance based on real-time order management metrics such as order lead times, fill rates etc and take right business decisions.

Inventory Synchronization

Synchronize order and inventory data seamlessly and prioritize orders with the help of capacity planning algorithms.

Flexible Fulfillment Workflows

Not every order is meant to be treated the same. Assign certain customers, orders, geographies, points of sales to specific pickers, pack stations, etc. using Hopstack’s proprietary Rule-Engine to enhance specialization.

Multi-Warehouse Order Routing

Automatically route orders to the appropriate warehouse depending on configurable factors such as geographical proximity, inventory levels, shipping costs, and business rules.

Combined Orders

Intelligently combine orders from the same customer or the same address etc. and save packaging and shipping costs.

Key Order Management Benefits Observed


reduction in order lead times


orders shipped on the same day


increase in daily average orders fulfilled

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Boost your Order Management Process Using Hopstack’s Built-in Integrations

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