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Warehouse Management Software for 3PLs and Omnichannel Brands

Hopstack’s comprehensive warehouse management system software (WMS software) helps warehouse managers with improving & optimizing inbound, storage, and outbound processes
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Hopstack's WMS Software Solutions For Warehouse Management

Inbound and returns

Seamlessly manage and optimize entire inbound and reverse logistics cycles involving warehouse receiving, quality check, and putaway.

Putaway optimization

Configure and optimize the putaway process and choose from directed putaway, fixed location putaway, and dynamic putaway.

Inventory synchronization

Synchronize order and inventory data seamlessly and prioritize orders with the help of capacity planning algorithms in our best Warehouse management software.

Algorithmic ABC Analysis

Utilize past inventory performance data to automate the ABC analysis process for optimal inventory placement and employee movement.

Automated back-order and replenishment 

Generate purchase orders for any SKU on the fly when its stock dips below the threshold level or prevent further replenishment if it might cause overstocking.

Intelligent order fulfillment

Manage, automate, and optimize the pick, pack, sort, and ship operations using Hopstack’s proprietary algorithms to improve fulfillment accuracy and efficiency with cloud WMS.

Wide range of hardware integrations

Integrate with a range of devices and robots such as automated pickers, AMRs, handheld scanners, RFID scanners, conveyor belts, and more to improve efficiency and accuracy in daily warehouse operations.

Configurable workflow designer

Fully configurable workflow designer to customize the inbound, storage, and outbound processes for each warehouse network, facility, and even tenant.

Multi-warehouse operations

Real-time visibility into inventory levels, order routing based on business rules, and performance analytics with Hopstack’s Multi-Warehouse module.

Key Warehouse Management Software Benefits For 3PLs & Brands


Improved inventory holding costs

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Lower picking and putaway times


Heightened fulfillment accuracy


Better space utilization


Higher order fill rates


Better visibility into each warehousing activity

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Boost your warehousing operations with Hopstack’s library of pre-built integrations

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