3PL Billing

Eliminate Manual Reconciliation with Hopstack's Automated 3PL Billing

Significantly cut reconciliation time and minimize invoicing errors, thanks to Hopstack's fully automated 3PL Billing system.

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Customizable billing profiles

Seamlessly create multiple highly granular and customizable billing profiles that account for all the billable activities. Set up intelligent rules and add tiered pricing for receiving, picking, worker hours, material consumed, etc.

Automatically track usage

Automatically track usage and activity details in real-time, making it available to your billing team and the clients. Download detailed usage breakdown and share with clients to maximize visibility.

Auto-generate proforma invoices

Generate periodic proforma invoices on the fly after the usage reconciliation. Add custom charges to enhance billing flexibility. Account for recalculation by reassigning billing profile at any time.

Transform your fulfillment and elevate your business

See first-hand how our innovative platform can revitalize your warehouse and fulfillment processes.

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