Attain Optimal Storage Levels and Cut Down on Inventory Holding Costs

Hopstack enhances visibility at every step and helps take full control and ownership of inventory flow and storage.
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How Hopstack Solves Complex Inventory Optimization

Multi-Channel Inventory Synchronization

Sync inventory across all marketplaces and sales channels, offline and online, in real time.

Inventory Planning and Control

Compute safety stock levels and maintain an optimal inventory with the help of smart inventory recommendations provided for every SKU present in your warehouse.

Algorithmic ABC Analysis

Utilize past inventory performance data to automate ABC analysis process for optimal inventory placement and employee movement.

Automated Back-Order and Replenishment 

Generate purchase orders for any SKU on the fly when its stock dips below the threshold level or prevent further replenishment if it might cause overstocking.

Kitting and Bundling

Group multiple SKUs together and seamlessly monitor and track individual inventory levels and flow.

Demand Forecasting

Use historical data to forecast purchase behavior, demand spikes, and seasonal trends to maintain optimal inventory and meet customer demand without errors.

Liquidation Opportunities Identification

Identify liquidation opportunities for deadstock to clear warehouse space for newer inventory, avoid unnecessary storage costs, and free-up cash flow.

Alerts and Notifications

Get notified any time inventory levels cross prescribed limits or any individual units are approaching expiration.

Key Inventory Optimization Benefits Observed


Lower Inventory Holding Costs


Improve Space Utilization


Better Cash Flow


Reduced Order Fill Rates


Higher Fulfillment Throughput


Reduced Damage and Spillage Costs

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Boost your Inventory Management Process Using Hopstack’s Built-in Integrations

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