Hopstack 3PL WMS

Powerful 3PL Warehouse Management Software Built for Scalability and Flexibility

Hopstack empowers 3PLs with a comprehensive 3PL warehouse management and fulfillment solution, streamlining everything from client onboarding to 3PL billing and performance analytics. Harnessing the power of the Hopstack platform, 3PLs can enhance their scalability and productivity, maximizing the yield from their resources while swiftly navigating the ever-evolving fulfillment landscape.

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Hopstack's 3PL customers have observed


increase in average fulfillment speed


increase in average daily orders fulfilled


fulfillment accuracy attained


reduction in order returns

Hopstack’s 3PL Software Comes with all Key Integrations for Effective Client Onboarding and Servicing

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Simplifying Omnichannel Fulfillment

For 3PLs eyeing the next phase of growth, embracing omnichannel is indispensable. Hopstack’s WMS for 3PLs ensures that this transition is smooth, allowing 3PLs to integrate multiple channels without unsettling their current operations or grappling with software complications.

Every aspect of the diverse fulfillment services provided by 3PLs — whether it's B2B/bulk fulfillment, DTC fulfillment, marketplace prep, or distribution — is efficiently supported by Hopstack. The platform offers all unique workflows, storage configurations, integrations, and more, enabling omnichannel capabilities from within one single system. So, when 3PLs seek expansion, Hopstack stands ready to back their vision.

Optimized for 3PL SLAs

For 3PLs, fulfilling SLAs isn't just an operational need—it's the hallmark of excellent client service and a competitive edge. Whether it's dock-to-stock timelines, inventory optimization, or timely order shipping, SLAs determine the competitiveness of the 3PLs. 

Hopstack WMS for 3PLs intelligently promotes SLA attainment to ensure ~100% attainment of all such SLAs by optimizing both inbound and outbound processes, dynamically prioritizing orders and consignments, allocating tasks intelligently, and so much more.With the Hopstack 3PL WMS software in their arsenal, 3PL operators can stand by their commitment, ensuring their clients receive nothing short of the promised excellence.

Scalability of Operations

Built to thrive under high-volume inventory and fulfillment demands, Hopstack’s 3PL WMS is the robust backbone 3PLs need as they expand their client base, manage an ever-growing range of SKUs, and handle surging order volumes.

Hopstack’s 3PL software is there to support 3PLs’ business growth and help them attain cost efficiencies at scale. Hopstack has previously enabled 3PLs to blitz-scale their weekly order volumes by 170% in a year without requiring any additional investment in the workforce, equipment, real estate, or software technology. 

Flexibility in 3PL Warehousing and Fulfillment

Each 3PL brings its own set of unique needs, processes, and paradigms in fulfillment activity. Hopstack supports the dynamic nature of operations by offering granular flexibility in inbound and outbound workflows, storage locations, order management, and a lot more. 

Moreover, Hopstack’s 3PL WMS goes a step further, empowering 3PLs to design bespoke workflows tailored for individual warehouses, clients, products, and even sales channels. This precision not only streamlines operations but also becomes a compelling selling point for 3PL clients, each with its own set of unique products and specifications.

Visibility for 3PL Clients

Effective 3PL client management hinges on two pivotal factors: the transparency a 3PL provides to its clients and the real-time collaboration between them.

Hopstack’s 3PL warehouse management system delivers a powerful client-facing interface, giving clients the autonomy to integrate their services, initiate inbound consignments (ASNs), monitor inventory and order statuses, and gauge their operational performance metrics, all in real-time. 

Consequently, 3PLs can unlock significant value for their clients, thus improving retention and growing revenue from existing accounts. 

Integrated 3PL Operations

The onus on 3PLs is clear: keep clients consistently informed and ensure they can effortlessly access pivotal business information. It's essential that clients can effortlessly access insights into their consignments, inventory, and orders right from their current commerce and fulfillment tools.

Hopstack’s 3PL WMS seamlessly integrates with all key services used by the 3PLs and their clients to eliminate data silos and any manual reconciliation of data. The warehouse management and fulfillment software ensures real time communication with all major ERPs, EDI, TMS, e-commerce platforms, shipping carriers, and marketplaces.

Thanks to Hopstack's holistic integration, both 3PLs and their clients benefit from a synchronized flow of critical business data, eliminating the need for manual interventions.

Automated 3PL Billing

The lack of standardized and automated 3PL billing is a pressing challenge in the third-party logistics industry. The billing reconciliation process is costly, often requiring dedicated time and personnel.

Hopstack offers a comprehensive 3PL Billing system that lets 3PLs create granular billing profiles, automatically captures operational data in real-time, and auto-generates periodic invoices for each client.

With Hopstack’s automation-first approach to 3PL Billing, 3PLs can ensure error-free invoices while eliminating the manual effort needed in reconciling billing information.

Multi-warehouse Operations

Large 3PLs owning multiple facilities can centrally manage their entire warehouse network using Hopstack’s multi-warehouse functionality. 

Hopstack’s 3PL management system facilitates multi-warehouse operations by allowing automated order and consignment routing, stock transfers, resource allocation, and network-wide performance reporting. Additionally, 3PL operators can now attain granular visibility into all their operations across warehouses. 

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Hopstack’s Key Features for 3PL Warehouse Management

Multi-client Management

Manage a range of 3PL clients and enable individualized inbound, storage, and outbound operations.

Shipping SLAs

Meet same-day/one-day/two-day shipping or delivery SLAs promised to the clients.

Multi-carrier Rate Shopping

View all shipping carriers for each order and set up rules to select the one with the minimum cost and fastest delivery.

Stock Ledger

Attain granular visibility in your inventory operations across different stages and states. 

Rule Engine

Set up business rules for different operations and foster high specialization in your fulfillment activity.

Customizable Reports and Dashboards

Create highly customizable reports and dashboards most important to your business and key stakeholders.

Device Integrations

Integrate with handheld scanners, robotics, and more to enhance the productivity of your inbound and outbound logistics operations.

Reverse Logistics

Source all order returns and create flexible workflows for restocking, supplier returns, disposal, and customer exchanges.

Storage Management

Create highly configurable and granular storage locations and track utilization in real time.

FEFO/FIFO Compliance:

Track lot and batch IDs and intelligently optimize operations to promote FIFO and FEFO compliance. 

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warehouse pallets and storage
Case Study

Transforming Fulfillment Operations for Apparel-focussed E-commerce 3PL

reduction in dock-to-stock time
order accuracy attained
weekly order fill rate achieved
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is 3PL in warehousing?

Third-party logistics or 3PLs in warehousing are independent service providers that provide warehousing/fulfillment as a service to a range of clients. They manage inbound operations, inventory storage, and order fulfillment on behalf of their clientele. 

What are the types of WMS? 

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) can be categorized on the basis of various parameters. Cloud-based WMS vs On-premise WMS is one such categorization. There also exists industry-specific/specialized WMS’ such as a 3PL WMS, distribution, direct-to-consumer WMS, and a lot more.

What is a 3PL WMS?

A 3PL WMS is a specialized WMS that focuses on 3PL operations and includes capabilities like multi-client management, individualized storage and fulfillment, 3PL billing, integration with clients’ systems, and more. 

How is 3PL WMS different than a regular WMS?

A 3PL WMS is designed to manage and execute client-specific storage and fulfillment operations, whereas a regular WMS treats all inventory and operations in a unified manner. 

How to choose the right 3PL software?

While choosing the right 3PL software, you must look for the following:

1. Ease in implementation and post-purchase support offered
2. Integrations with your’s and clients’ existing systems
3. Built for your fulfillment type – DTC, bulk/wholesale, marketplace prep
4. In-built 3PL billing system
5. Flexibility and customization of different inbound and outbound workflows
6. Client-facing platform for real-time visibility and collaboration

What is 3PL Billing?

3PL Billing is the science of how a 3PL calculates the amount and bills its clients for the services provided during a period. The services typically include receiving, storage, picking, packing, kitting, bundling, labeling, and shipping.

What features does Hopstack's 3PL WMS provide?

Hopstack provides all key features needed by B2B/DTC 3PLs, including client onboarding, client integrations, inbound and outbound orchestration, inventory optimization, and 3PL billing.

Can we customize the Hopstack 3PL system for our business? 

Hopstack offers a high degree of customization and flexibility and lets 3PLs specify custom inbound and outbound workflows, create granular storage locations, set up business rules for storage and movement, and much more.

What all systems does the Hopstack 3PL WMS integrate with?

Hopstack comes with out-of-the-box integrations with all key systems used by 3PLs and their clients. This includes ERPs, e-commerce platforms, accounting systems, shipping carriers, and marketplaces.

How does Hopstack's 3PL Billing system work?

Hopstack enables 3PLs to create highly customizable billing profiles (rate cards) for each client. During the activity period, the system auto-captures the transactional data for inbound, storage, labeling, outbound, shipping, etc., and uses the same to generate proforma invoices.