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2024 Warehouse Management Survey Report

Insights into Challenges, Trends, Statistics & Opportunities 
This Warehouse Management 2024 survey report is a must-have resource for warehouse professionals, managers, and all industry stakeholders. Gain profound insights into the intricacies of modern warehousing, automation trends, and data-driven strategies.
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Warehouse Management Report 2024 by Hopstack

A Teaser Into Key Takeaways and Statistics


60% experts recognize Warehouse Management Systems as key automation solution for modern warehousing.

Warehouse Management Software

85% experts say integrated warehouse management software is HIGHLY IMPORTANT for warehouse growth and efficiency.


70% experts believe more than 20% of warehouse operations budget should be invested in technological advancements and upgrades.

Robotic vs. Human Labor

Adoption of robotics in warehousing is growing, with 70% of respondents indicating that up to 25% of tasks are automated.

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