workforce experience and productivity

Improve Worker Experience and Enhance Productivity with Guided and Simplified Processes

Hopstack provides intelligent and guided workflows for inbound and outbound activities that minimize manual intervention and enhance the productivity of the warehouse workforce.

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As observed by Hopstack's customers


increase in order volumes without
hiring additional associates


increase in the average picker’s productivity


fulfillment accuracy attained

Enhance workforce productivity with Hopstack's pre-built hardware integrations

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Eliminate the need for manual data entry

Use barcode/RFID/QR-based scanning operations to store and move goods across the warehouse efficiently. Track every step granularly without needing to enter any data manually.

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Remove guesswork with system-guided processes and automatic task allocation

Use Hopstack’s fully guided receiving, putaway, picking, sorting, and packing operations to eliminate confusion and guesswork. 

Dynamically allocate tasks to associates and provide clear instructions to maintain productivity and minimize lulls in operations; including smartpicklists, packing specifications, putaway locations, optimal movement paths, labeling instructions, and more.

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Attain near-zero errors with built-in checks and balances

With Hopstack’s worker-friendly mobile app, minimize fulfillment errors with built-in checks and validation mechanisms. 

Notify associates in real-time regarding incorrect picks, misplaced labels, overweight boxes, etc. and suggest corrective action. 

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Simplify hand-shake between workers, devices, and software

With Hopstack’s intelligent control system, minimize friction in sending instructions and tasks to workers and robotic devices. 

Retrieve information in real time for activities performed, errors, worker and asset movement, efficiency, and more. 

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Improve worker experience and retention

Boost associates’ morale with simplified processes, enhanced productivity, and error reduction. 

Maximize worker retention and improve the overall state of warehousing and fulfillment operations. 

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Centrally view and control all activities within the warehouse

As warehouse managers, use Hopstack as a control tower to centrally view and manage every activity within the warehouse. 

Attain visibility into the performance of every activity, associate, station, and more. 

View all current activities and bottlenecks, allocate resources dynamically, and handle fulfillment exceptions from a central location.

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