Gain In-depth Performance Visibility into every Activity in your Warehouse

Hopstack’s comprehensive Analytics and Reporting module empowers warehouse managers and admins to delve deeper into the key performance indicators involved in the order fulfillment process.
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Analytics reporting

How Hopstack Simplifies Performance and KPI Visibility

Real-time Metrics

Keep track of all key metrics across Inbound, outbound, reverse, warehouse operations, and productivity activity in real-time and evaluate every step in the process.

Multi-level Reports

Set rules to generate automatic daily/weekly/monthly reports for individual warehouse associates, stations, warehouses, and warehouse networks.

No-code Dashboard Builder

Seamlessly create custom dashboards, private or global, by simply dragging and dropping different elements without writing any line of code.

Get Granular in Analysis

Zoom into any metric to the lowest level of granularity such as SKU, order line item, or action performed. 

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Gain visibility into each activity performed in relation to a particular order in real-time and keep a log of the entire fulfillment lifecycle.

Warehouse Control tower

Monitor key operational metrics at every station - Receiving, Picking, Packing, etc in real-time. Gain visibility into productivity levels, choke-points, and resource utilization in real-time

Pre-built Dashboards

Out-of-the-box Industry specific dashboards for e-commerce, 3PL, D2C brands, and Omnichannel Retail.

Key Analytics and Reporting Benefits Observed

Heightened visibility for warehouse managers and admins

Flexibility in creating dashboards and reports

Ability to delve deeper into every activity and process in the warehouse

Item-level metrics to draw granular analysis

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