Seamless Multi-Customer Fulfillment Operations for Modern 3PLs

Easily onboard e-commerce and wholesale customers, connect their sales channels, manage inventory, and automate customer billing using Hopstack’s solutions for Third-Party-Logistics (3PLs).
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As observed by 3PLs


reduction in dock to stock time


order fulfillment accuracy attained


weekly order fill rate achieved


improvement in average space utilization

Onboard all clients seamlessly and manage their individual 3PL fulfillment operations with ease

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Inbound consignments workflow
3pl billing module

Create custom billing profiles, track usage, and generate periodic invoices with the 3PL Billing module.

automated shipping plan generation for prep centers
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automated shipping plan generation for prep centers

Achieve complex 3PL omnichannel fulfillment (both B2B and B2C) from a
single cloud WMS platform

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Omnichannel fulfillment Hopstack
Dynamic task allocation

Guided workflows for putaway, picking, packing, sorting activities and dynamic task allocation.

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Hopstack prep functions

Real-time performance analytics and ability to create custom reports and dashboards.

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reports and dashboards

What Hopstack solves for Third-Party-Logistics (3PLs)

Seamless multi-tenant operations

Manage inventory and fulfillment operations for any number of clients and easily meet their unique requirements.

Serve both B2B and B2C clients

One unified platform for 3PLs to serve both B2B and B2C clients and fulfill their online and offline orders.

Easy client onboarding

One-click process to add new clients and connect to their marketplaces, sales channels, and internal systems such as ERPs, TMS and Trading partners EDI.

3PL billing

Automated billing process based on pre-defined transactional data such as orders fulfilled, shipping charges, value-adds, etc., and customizable billing schedules (daily, monthly, etc.). Pre-built integration with the accounting software of your choice.

Multi-Warehouse 3PL Operations

Manage inventory operations, automatically route orders based on business rules, and track activity and performance analytics across the warehouse network.

Rule Engine and Workflow Configuration

Configure and customize inbound, storage, and outbound workflows for each warehouse, station, and even tenant, and set up rules to provide more specialized services to 3PL customers.

Algorithmic 3PL Process Optimization

Optimize pick, pack, sort, and ship operations for ecommerce 3PLs using Hopstack’s proprietary algorithms and guided workflows to improve time and cost efficiencies.

Analytics and dashboard

Real-time analytics and no-code custom dashboards to track KPIs for each station, warehouse, warehouse network, and individual 3PL customer. Flexible customer-facing dashboards to help customers track their operational performance.

Multi-carrier rate shopping

Instantly get shipping quotes from major shipping companies based on order geography, specialized handling, size and dimensions, and more. Evaluate delivery time and other necessary variables while choosing the right carrier for every order.

Case Study

Transforming Fulfillment Operations for Apparel-focussed E-commerce 3PL

reduction in dock-to-stock time
order accuracy attained
weekly order fill rate achieved
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