Hopstack’s Commitment to Data Security

Hopstack is committed to upholding the best practices in customer data security and is certified to comply with ISO-27001 and SOC-2.


Secure hosting

Hopstack is built and hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), providing excellent built-in data security and privacy features. AWS enables a safe and secure environment and infrastructure to ensure total security for customer data.

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Hopstack’s data centers

Hopstack is hosted on various AWS data centers spread across the world. Each of them ensures the maximum security of data and has various physical and virtual controls to prevent unauthorized access. Learn more about AWS’ security assurance here.

Hopstack Data Centers

Hopstack’s security certifications


The ISO-27001 certificate validates our information security practices in the design, development, technical support, and sales and marketing of the Hopstack Digital Warehouse Operating System.

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SOC-2 Type-II

Achieving the SOC-2 Type-II certification with an unqualified opinion proves that Hopstack provides enterprise-level security for customers’ data secured in Hopstack’s system.

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Got any questions?

Keeping customer data secure is a top priority for Hopstack. Hopstack’s goal is to provide a safe environment while maintaining the performance of the platform and delivering an excellent user experience. If you have any further questions on our data handling and security practices, please reach out to us at sales@hopstack.io