End-to-end Optimization for Picking, Packing, and Shipping Functions

Hopstack’s comprehensive outbound management suite helps warehouses and fulfillment centers automate and optimize their pick, pack, sort, and ship functions while delivering an exceptional fulfillment experience.
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How Hopstack Optimizes Outbound Fulfillment

Proprietary Picking Algorithms

Use Hopstack’s proprietary algorithms to allocate pick tasks and generate a smart picklist to save on picking and overall fulfillment time.

Picker Route Optimization

Intelligently optimize a picker’s route to complete all pick tasks while minimizing distance and time, and avoiding any congestions.

Seamless Outbound Hardware Integration

Seamlessly integrate with automated pickers, AMRs, sorters, and conveyor belts to improve overall outbound efficiency.

Advanced Cartonization Module

Use Hopstack’s Cartonization module (powered by Paccurate) to get algorithmic and rule-based recommendations around packaging size, shape, material, and much more.

Printing and Labelling Integrations

Have your packing stations seamlessly integrate with printers to enable 1-click print of labels, inserts, and shipping documents.

Shipping Packaging Requirements

Get a view of the different packaging requirements of some of the major shipping carriers across the world.

Performance Analytics

Get real-time metrics on picking efficiency, pick rates, pack time, packaging material wastage and more.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Gain visibility into each activity performed in relation to a particular order in real-time and keep a log of the entire fulfillment lifecycle.

Powerful Rule Engine

Assign certain customers, orders, geographies, points of sales to specific pickers, pack stations, etc. using Hopstack’s proprietary Rule-Engine to enhance specialization.

Compare Shipping Rates and Performance

Instantly get shipping quotes from major shipping companies based on order geography, specialized handling, size and dimensions, and more. Evaluate delivery time and other necessary variables while choosing the right carrier for every order.

Combined Orders

Intelligently combine orders from the same customer or the same address etc. and save packaging and shipping costs.

Key Order Management Benefits Observed


reduction in fulfillment errors


orders shipped on the same day


increase in fulfillment throughput

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Boost your Fulfillment Operations Process Using Hopstack’s Built-in Integrations

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