Automate and Optimize every step of the fulfilment process

Use the Hopstack platform to automate every pillar of your warehouse right from order management to inventory control.

Why partner with Hopstack?

Hopstack is a cloud-based warehouse management software providing end-to-end solutions to manufacturers and warehouse owners.

Inventory Optimization

Stay on top of Inventory Movement through AI powered optimization modules.

Achieve maximum warehouse utilization with intelligent AI algorithms that can plan optimal inventory placement.

Automate the back order and replenishment processes to eliminate manual effort.

Achieve optimal stock levels to avoid stock-out or dead-stock situations.

Forecast future inventory consumption patterns and improve cash flow by accurately identifying liquidation opportunities.

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Order Management

Never misplace a customer order again with multi-channel synchronization. 

Integrate seamlessly with an long list of online and offline sales channels.

Synchronize order and inventory data seamlessly and prioritize orders with the help of capacity planning algorithms.

Use smart AI Algorithms to combine orders and cut down on shipping costs and minimize picking and fulfillment time.

Use comprehensive analytics to measure key order management metrics like order lead times and fill rates.

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Picking Automation

Intelligent picking solutions to shorten order lead times.

Toggle between batch, wave, discrete and other picking methods depending on business needs.

Integrate effortlessly with robots, smart glasses, pick to light devices for voice, vision or robotic picking.

Optimize picker route and allocate dynamic tasks with intelligent algorithms.

Measure picking accuracy, pick rates and other key metrics with the operational analytics suite.

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Packing Automation

Reduce Shipping and Packaging costs with Insightful Packing Recommendations

Automate the packing cycle and seamlessly integrate with robotic packing and conveyor belts.

Get accurate packing box recommendations and optimize shipping costs using native AI algorithms.

Easily print inserts, guides and other packing material with the click of a button or code scan.

Have all the information at your fingertips to reduce packing time and eliminate paper trails.

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Device Management

No-code Interface for seamless integration with robots, AIDC devices, and automation hardware.

Easily onboard, manage and monitor all your devices from a single interface with no custom code.

Simplify the orchestration and handshake between machines and humans on the operating floor.

Gain detailed insights into battery levels, device uptime, and health check for efficient exception and failure handling.

Prevent unnecessary downtimes or device failure with proactive alerts and notifications.

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