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How Hopstack Helps Prep Centers Deliver An Excellent Merchant Experience

How Hopstack enables Prep Centers to improve merchant experience by eliminating any manual intervention, providing unparalleled visibility into FBA fulfillment.

Team Hopstack
February 6, 2024

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A critical part of the experience provided by a prep center to their merchants is the fulfillment experience and efficiency that they deliver. Providing an excellent merchant experience is paramount in ensuring merchant success, and consequently, the prep center’s growth. 

The merchant experience is centered mainly around three tenets:

  • Fulfillment efficiency of the merchant’s shipments
  • Communication & visibility with the merchant about their operations & metrics
  • Striving to maintain an error-free operational experience

The fulfillment of these tenets is often met with key issues. These issues include:

  • A severe lack of visibility over their inventory and orders
  • Manual and spreadsheet-based activities for fulfillment operations
  • Inefficient communication cycles between prep centers & merchants
  • Lack of visibility into fulfillment & operational metrics on a merchant level

Hopstack’s Focus on FBA Merchant Experience 

The Hopstack platform is designed to make it easier for prep centers to serve FBA merchants. This is done by focusing on the three tenets of merchant experiences and solving the main issues surrounding them. Our focus on building a great merchant experience covers all bases from the onboarding, to the analytics. So that best prep centers can focus on what matters most: fulfilling orders.

Seamless Onboarding

FBA merchants often have to rely on manual spreadsheets and the Amazon Seller Central portal to keep track of their shipment plans, orders, and inventory. Hopstack’s seamless merchant onboarding is powered by our close-knit and real-time integration with Amazon. Hopstack automatically imports product and inventory information from Amazon, as well as exports shipment plan details to Amazon directly without the need for manual intervention.

Real-Time Information Sync

Once onboarding is complete, the Hopstack platform automatically pulls in information from the merchant’s Seller Central Account instantly and in real time. This includes product information (ASIN, FNSKU, MSKU, UPC, names, dimensions, etc.), along with any inventory information. This eliminates the need for manual entry and spreadsheet-based operations.

Self-Service Interface

Hopstack offers a completely self-serve and simplified interface to FBA merchants for undertaking their operations. Merchants are empowered to create their own inbound shipments into the prep center and manage their own inventory. Merchants can also provide tracking details about their inbound shipments and let Hopstack track and prepare the prep center for incoming shipments.

Unparalleled Visibility

Hopstack’s analytics and automation work together to provide merchants with a high degree of visibility into their operations. The dashboards and reporting features of the Hopstack platform allow the merchant to see and track key performance metrics such as dock-to-stock time, inventory age, space utilization, shelf life, fulfillment rates, and lead times, amongst others. This transparency offers the merchant direct and automatic visibility into their FBA operations without any manual intervention or inefficient communication loops. 

Bottom Line

Hopstack’s commitment to improve the FBA merchant experience has always been in line with prep centers’ mission to provide a superior fulfillment experience to their merchants. The platform’s provisions for operational visibility, and the focus on automating the mundane, position Hopstack to be a trusted partner in ensuring that your merchants have a thriving FBA fulfillment journey. 

Prep center partners on Hopstack’s platform have on average gained > 2X improvement in fulfillment throughput, reduced their manual errors by > 97%, and improved their warehouse space utilization by 47%. 

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