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Dock-to-Stock Time

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Dock-to-Stock Time

What is Dock-to-Stock Time?

Dock-to-stock time is the duration between the arrival of an inbound shipment at the warehouse dock and its placement in the appropriate storage location.

How to calculate Dock-to-Stock Time?

(Time shipment is putaway - Time shipment arrives at the dock) / Total number of shipments

What is the business impact of Dock-to-Stock Time?

A shorter dock-to-stock time can increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve warehouse space utilization.

Industry benchmark for Dock-to-Stock Time

For best-performing 3PLs, the benchmark is considered to be 8-10 hours. 

How to improve Dock-to-Stock Time?

  • Streamline receiving processes from unloading at the docks to the final putaway.
  • Work with suppliers to implement the Pallet/Item labeling process.
  • Implement barcode scanning, and train staff to quickly and accurately process inbound shipments.
  • Enable guided Putaway and Putway Optimization via a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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