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Top 30 Global 3PL Providers For Ecommerce Businesses

Explore top 30 third-party logistics providers to boost ecommerce success. Uncover key insights to optimize your supply chain and elevate your operations.

Team Hopstack
October 20, 2023

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In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, finding the right logistics partner or top 3pl provider can spell the difference between success and stagnation. The supply chain forms the backbone of every ecommerce business, orchestrating the seamless journey of products from warehouses to the doorsteps of consumers.

Yet, navigating the sprawling landscape of third-party logistics (3PL) providers can be a formidable task. This is why we've curated a list of the 'Top 30 Global 3PL Providers' to help you uncover the partner that best fits your needs.

Ecommerce is more than just online transactions; it's a complex process that involves inventory management, warehousing, transportation, and more. With diverse 3PL providers each offering a unique blend of services, expertise, and global reach, choosing the right one requires careful consideration. That's where this blog comes in. It distills the complexities into a digestible guide, arming you with the insights to make an informed decision.

We've delved into the intricate world of global 3PL providers, scrutinizing their revenue, team size, operating spaces, and myriad other factors. Through this comprehensive exploration, we aim to provide a valuable resource for ecommerce businesses in their quest to optimize their supply chains and elevate their operations. 

Let's begin the journey to find the ideal logistics ally for your ecommerce venture.

Top 30 Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers Globally

Top 30 Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers Globally

1. DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain, a sector of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, is one of the leading 3PL providers globally. In 2022, it reported an impressive revenue of around €16.4 billion annually, contributing a significant chunk to the parent group's total income with almost 20% growth from 2021. 

Operating in over 220 countries, it employs a diverse team of over 350,000 logistics professionals. Its broad range of services spans across sectors including ecommerce, retail, and consumer, with warehouse space sprawling over 150 million square feet globally. 

They leverage advanced logistics and supply chain technologies for efficient operations, a key aspect that has contributed to their robust growth in the ecommerce industry. With more than 2,000 warehouses globally, they provide end-to-end services like freight transportation, warehousing, distribution, and managed transport.

DHL Supply Chain's expertise lies in providing solutions to a wide range of industries including automotive, consumer, energy, life sciences and healthcare, retail, and technology. Apart from traditional logistics services, DHL Supply Chain also provides unique services like Lead Logistics Partner (LLP), Real Estate Solutions, Packaging Services, and Supply Chain Analysis and Design.

2. Kuehne + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel is a Swiss-based global transport and logistics company that has a reputation for delivering exceptional 3PL fulfillment services. Boasting over 70,000 employees spread across 1,300 locations in more than 100 countries, it reported a revenue of about $37+ billion in the year ending March 2023. 

The company offers specialized solutions for ecommerce businesses, including warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution services. Its vast storage capacity and advanced logistics network make it a popular choice for businesses seeking seamless and efficient global distribution.

With over $25 billion in revenue and operations in over 100 countries, Kuehne + Nagel offers a wide range of services, including sea freight, air freight, contract logistics, and overland businesses. They manage more than 10 million square meters of warehouse space globally, highlighting their expertise in high-tech solutions.

Kuehne + Nagel has a strong presence in the automotive, pharma & healthcare, retail, and aerospace industry. One of its unique offerings is the KN FreightNet, an online solution for airfreight, sea freight, and overland quotes and bookings.

3. DB Schenker

DB Schenker, a division of the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG, provides international 3PL services. With the revenue being 19% higher in 2022 at EUR 56+ billion, it showcases a strong global presence with around 2,100 locations across 130 countries and has expanded massively in 2023.

DB Schenker employs over 76,000 logistics experts who handle everything from transportation and logistics to supply chain management. Its substantial warehouse space of 7,400 square meters per site, on average, reflects the company's expansive capacity. 

Specialized ecommerce solutions offered by DB Schenker have made it a reliable partner in this sector in recent years.

4. Nippon Express

Nippon Express, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a world-leading provider of logistics services. In the year 2022, it reported a revenue of around $19.68 billion for 2022, demonstrating its financial stability and market reach. 

Employing about 71,000 people worldwide, it operates in 33 countries with more than 700 locations. Its vast warehouse facilities amounting to about 9.44 million square meters are strategically spread worldwide, offering diverse logistics solutions. 

In 2023, the company has been actively expanding its services in the ecommerce sector with tailored supply chain solutions.

5. UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS Supply Chain Solutions, a subsidiary of the globally renowned United Parcel Service (UPS), delivers comprehensive logistics and 3PL services. 3 years ago, UPS generated an impressive estimated revenue of more than $9 billion and it has been growing massively since.

With an experienced team of about 495,000 employees globally, it serves more than 220 countries and territories. The company has vast warehousing and distribution capabilities, supporting multiple industries including ecommerce. 

Its technology-driven solutions and integrated global network make it an ideal choice for ecommerce businesses aiming for scalability and efficiency. UPS Supply Chain Solutions manages around 40 million square feet of space, catering to various industries like healthcare, high tech, industrial manufacturing, and retail.

6. C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is a major player in the global logistics sector, providing a comprehensive range of 3PL services. In 2022, it generated a robust revenue of more than $22 billion. Its workforce of more than 15,000 employees operates in over 40 countries worldwide, providing services that span transportation, supply chain, and logistics. 

C.H. Robinson’s vast network includes 76,000 transportation routes and multiple warehouses, providing the capacity to meet diverse needs. For ecommerce businesses, the company's digital freight matching platform, Navisphere, offers a technology-driven approach to managing and optimizing supply chains.

7. CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics, based in Marseille, France, is a globally recognized 3PL provider. It reported revenue of around $135 million approximately in 2022, highlighting its significant role in the industry with 10% growth from last year. With a diverse team of over 78,000 professionals, CEVA operates in more than 160 countries, offering end-to-end supply chain solutions. 

The company's extensive warehousing and distribution network, covering over 10 million square meters, caters to a broad range of sectors, including ecommerce. Its sophisticated logistics and supply chain management tools are particularly beneficial to ecommerce businesses seeking streamlined, efficient operations.

8. Ryder Supply Chain Solutions

Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, a Miami-based company, is a well-established provider of logistics and 3PL services. With a revenue of about $8.9 billion in 2020 to the revenue rising to $12 billion in 2022, it has a vast network of operations spanning North America, the UK, and Asia. 

The company employs around 39,000 people who manage over 55 million square feet of warehouse space across its locations. Ryder's services are comprehensive, encompassing distribution management, transportation management, and dedicated transportation solutions. 

Its e-fulfilment services, featuring multi-channel visibility and network design capabilities, are of particular relevance to ecommerce businesses.

9. Expeditors International

Expeditors International, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a top-tier provider of logistics services. In 2022, it generated over $17 billion in revenue and boasted a global team of more than 18,000 trained logistics professionals. 

Expeditors operates in over 60 countries, offering a full suite of supply chain solutions. The company's infrastructure includes numerous warehouses and logistics centers, providing a solid foundation for its operations.

Expeditors is especially known for its superior customer service and custom solutions, making it an attractive partner for ecommerce businesses seeking tailored logistics and supply chain management.

10. J.B. Hunt Integrated Capacity Solutions (ICS)

J.B. Hunt Integrated Capacity Solutions (ICS), a segment of J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., is a renowned player in the 3PL sector. As of 2022, the parent company's revenue was approximately $15 billion which is up by 22% from last year. 

With a team of dedicated professionals, ICS operates across the United States, providing a broad range of services including freight management and logistics solutions. Its capacity-driven model has been designed to deliver value to businesses of all sizes, including ecommerce enterprises. 

Utilizing cutting-edge technology such as the J.B. Hunt 360° platform, the company offers efficient, streamlined supply chain solutions ideal for ecommerce operations.

Top 30 Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers Globally

11. Panalpina

Panalpina, now part of DSV Panalpina, is a Switzerland-based global provider of transport and logistics services. In 2018, prior to its merger with DSV in 2022, it generated a revenue of approximately $16+ billion. 

The combined entity, DSV Panalpina, employs over 60,000 professionals worldwide, providing an array of logistics and supply chain services. The company operates an extensive network of warehouse facilities, making it an ideal partner for ecommerce businesses looking for end-to-end solutions. 

Its services include order fulfillment, inventory management, and supply chain optimization, among others.

12. FedEx Supply Chain

FedEx Supply Chain, a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation, offers a range of 3PL services. As part of the FedEx group, Fedex Supply chain global contributed to the total revenue of over $93 billion recorded in 2022. 

The company has a broad network of warehouses and distribution centers worldwide, employing thousands of professionals. FedEx Supply Chain specializes in integrated logistics solutions, offering services like digital warehousing, distribution, and reverse logistics. For the ecommerce sector, it provides multi-client and dedicated fulfillment solutions, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

It operates in 220 countries and territories, offering a suite of innovative logistics services, with a focus on providing e-commerce, retail, consumer goods, healthcare, and technology solutions. 


GEODIS, a French logistics company, is a significant global player in the 3PL market. It recorded an annual revenue of €13.7 billion in 2022 which is 19% higher than 2021. With a team of over 41,000 logistics professionals, GEODIS operates in 67 countries, offering a comprehensive range of supply chain solutions. 

Its vast network includes more than 300 platforms and 7 million square meters of warehouse space worldwide. Its robust ecommerce solutions, which include order management, transport, and returns management, make it a versatile choice for ecommerce businesses.

14. XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics is a leading provider of transport and logistics services globally. With reported revenues of $7.7 billion in 2022, it employs over 85,000 team members operating in 30 countries. XPO's expansive network includes a multitude of strategically placed highly modern warehouses and distribution centers. 

For ecommerce businesses, it offers a suite of tech-forward services including omnichannel order distribution, inventory management, and reverse logistics. Its proprietary warehouse management system and machine learning algorithms allow for enhanced warehouse efficiency and agility in supply chain operations.

15. Penske Logistics

Penske Logistics, a segment of the Penske Truck Leasing company, is a trusted name in the field of 3PL services. The parent company had a revenue of $1.8 billion in 2022. With a robust team of logistics professionals, Penske operates in a multitude of locations worldwide. 

Its facilities feature more than 32 million square feet of warehousing space. Penske Logistics offers a variety of services tailored to ecommerce businesses, such as warehousing and distribution, freight management, and lead logistics provider services. 

Its ClearChain® technology suite delivers real-time visibility and predictive analytics, driving more efficient and accurate decision-making for ecommerce businesses.

16. Cardinal Logistics Management

Cardinal Logistics Management, headquartered in North Carolina, USA, is a dedicated third-party logistics services provider specializing in dedicated contract carriage, transportation management, and integrated solutions. 

While the company doesn't publicly disclose its revenue, it operates a significant fleet of over 2,500 tractors and 8,000 trailers. The company reported an annual revenue of $320 million in the year 2022. 

Cardinal's dedicated team of over 5,000 professionals handles the warehousing and distribution needs of a wide array of industries, including ecommerce, leveraging their expertise to ensure seamless logistics operations.

17. APL Logistics

APL Logistics, part of Kintetsu World Express group, is a global 3PL provider with a strong presence in Asia, North America, and Europe. In 2022, APL logistics reported a revenue of approximately $1.8 billion. APL Logistics employs thousands of logistics professionals who work in more than 110 locations worldwide. 

Its vast network of logistics centers and technologically smart warehouses provides ecommerce businesses with flexible and efficient solutions such as order fulfillment, reverse logistics, and inventory management.

18. Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics, a Tokyo-based company, is a renowned provider of contract logistics and international freight forwarding. As of 2022, it generated a revenue of $4.2 billion. With a workforce of around 19,000 employees, Yusen operates in over 40 countries and regions, managing a vast network of warehouses and distribution centers. 

For ecommerce businesses, Yusen offers a wide range of services including end-to-end supply chain solutions, making it a reliable partner for businesses of all sizes.

19. Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics, based in Chicago, provides technology-enabled 3PL services across all modes of transportation. In 2022, the company generated revenues exceeding $2.5 billion. Echo's team of over 2,500 logistics experts manages a network of more than 40,000 carriers. 

The company's proprietary technology, EchoShip, allows ecommerce businesses to seamlessly manage fast and efficient shipping and logistics operations, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

20. Werner Logistics

Werner Logistics, a sector of Werner Enterprises, is a premier provider of 3PL services. Werner Enterprises reported a revenue of over $3 billion in 2022. With a team of experienced logistics professionals, the company offers a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions. 

Its significant warehousing space is strategically located across North America, facilitating efficient distribution. Ecommerce businesses can benefit from Werner's diverse range of services including transportation, warehousing, and freight management.

Top 30 Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers Globally

21. Transplace

Transplace is a recognized provider of logistics technology and 3PL services. As of 2022, it managed $3.2 billion in freight under management. With a team of experienced professionals, Transplace operates across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

It offers ecommerce businesses comprehensive supply chain solutions, from transportation management to strategic capacity services. Its advanced logistics technology platform allows businesses to optimize their supply chain, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

22. Hub Group

Hub Group, a multi-modal transportation solutions provider, offers extensive 3PL services. In 2022, it reported a revenue of approximately $5.3 billion. Employing more than 5,000 people, Hub Group operates an intermodal network with over 34,000 containers. 

It offers flexible warehousing and distribution solutions, making it a strong partner for ecommerce businesses. Its innovative solutions, including Hub Group Connect — a comprehensive, cloud-based platform, provide real-time visibility and predictive analytics, allowing for proactive supply chain management.

23. Toll Group

Toll Group, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, is an international provider of transportation and logistics solutions. In the fiscal year of 2022, it generated a revenue of $7.6. Toll employs over 40,000 personnel who operate a global logistics network across 1,200 locations in more than 50 countries. 

Its expansive warehousing space provides comprehensive logistics solutions that cater to diverse industry sectors, including ecommerce. Its services range from freight forwarding and contract logistics to express services, making it a strategic partner for ecommerce operations of all sizes.

24. Coyote Logistics

Coyote Logistics, a UPS company based in Chicago, provides a range of 3PL services across North America, Europe, and South America. While specific revenue for Coyote isn't publicly available, UPS as a whole reported over $84 billion in revenue in 2020. 

The company's team of over 2,000 logistics professionals operates a network of over 70,000 carriers. Coyote's multi-modal solutions, bolstered by a robust technology platform, are an asset for ecommerce businesses seeking a blend of tech-enabled efficiency and vast network reach.

25. ArcBest

ArcBest, based in Arkansas, is a leading provider of freight transportation and logistics solutions. In 2022, it reported revenue of approximately $5.3 billion. The company employs around 13,000 individuals and operates a comprehensive network of service centers and warehouses throughout North America. 

Its full suite of supply chain solutions, including dedicated delivery, warehousing, and distribution services, makes ArcBest a comprehensive partner for ecommerce enterprises.

26. Hitachi Transport System

Hitachi Transport System, a Japanese logistics firm, provides a range of supply chain solutions worldwide. As of 2020, it reported revenue of ¥686 billion. The company employs over 16,000 staff members and operates in over 37 countries, managing extensive warehousing and distribution facilities. 

Hitachi Transport System's broad range of logistics services and advanced IT solutions provide the operational efficiency sought by growing ecommerce businesses.

27. Agility Logistics

Agility Logistics, headquartered in Kuwait, is a global logistics provider with a strong presence in emerging markets. It reported a revenue of $5.2 billion in 2020. With a team of over 26,000 employees in more than 100 countries, Agility operates over 22 million square feet of warehousing space worldwide. 

The company's extensive service offerings, including warehousing, freight forwarding, and supply chain solutions, position it as a strong partner for ecommerce businesses seeking expansion into new markets.

28. Sankyu Inc.

Sankyu Inc., based in Japan, offers logistics services including transportation, installation, and warehousing. As of 2020, it reported revenues of ¥194 billion. Employing over 16,000 people, Sankyu operates an extensive logistics network both domestically and internationally. 

Its comprehensive service suite, which caters to a wide array of sectors including ecommerce, covers freight forwarding, warehousing, and cargo handling, making it an all-rounded logistics partner for ecommerce enterprises.

29. Mainfreight

Mainfreight, a global logistics and freight company based in New Zealand, offers comprehensive supply chain solutions. In 2020, it generated a revenue of over NZ$3 billion. Employing around 8,000 team members, Mainfreight operates across more than 240 branches worldwide. 

Its robust network of warehouses and freight hubs enable end-to-end supply chain solutions, serving diverse industries, including ecommerce. From warehousing and transport to air and ocean freight services, Mainfreight's solutions cater to the dynamic needs of ecommerce businesses.

30. CTS International Logistics

CTS International Logistics, based in China, is a renowned provider of integrated logistics services with a global reach. While specific revenue numbers aren't readily available, the company's size and scope of operations speak volumes. CTS employs over 10,000 personnel worldwide and operates an extensive network of offices and facilities across major continents. 

Their services span from air and sea freight to customs brokerage and contract logistics, thereby offering comprehensive supply chain solutions for businesses, including those in the ecommerce sector. CTS's powerful IT systems enhance logistics efficiency and provide real-time tracking, enabling businesses to manage their supply chains effectively.

How To Choose The Right 3PL Partner

Choosing the right 3PL provider hinges on several factors. Start by defining your unique logistics needs and future growth plans. Consider the geographic coverage and services offered by the 3PL — do they align with your business operations and goals? 

Look into their technology capabilities; advanced systems ensure efficient and transparent operations. Evaluate their experience in the ecommerce sector and ability to handle potential increases in demand. 

Lastly, examine their performance metrics, customer service, and problem-solving abilities. Remember, the goal is to form a long-term partnership, so consider these factors to ensure a fruitful collaboration.

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