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Enabling Warehouse Automation using Hopstack's Robotic Integrations

Ever wondered how Amazon is able to do same-day delivery? Or how are services like Gojek able to deliver in 10 minutes? The answer is pretty simple. Robots.

Team Hopstack
October 20, 2023

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With warehouse automation occurring at blistering speeds, warehouse managers and business owners need to adapt quickly to ensure the fulfillment and delivery of products as fast as their competitors do, if not better. One of the most innovative ways to automate warehouse operations is by using warehouse robots.

With major players already offering a wide range of products, warehouse robotics is quickly becoming a major avenue to unlock efficiency in warehouse processes. But robotics is just one side of the coin. Warehouse managers also need to invest in warehouse management software that can integrate with these mobile robots and make them work in tandem.

Thankfully, Hopstack is here to help. With its powerful integration library, Hopstack empowers warehouse managers to integrate their warehouse operations and automate them with ease. And if the warehouse is not automated yet, Hopstack acts as the perfect springboard to automate the warehouse operations. Read to learn more about the robotic solutions library available in the Hopstack platform.

Plug and Play Integrations

The Hopstack platform integrates with multiple major warehouse hardware OEMs seamlessly to ensure the shortest implementation time possible. The platform's integrations work right out of the box, with most integrations being as simple as installing an app onto the target device.

The library of plug and play integrations includes manufacturers like Honeywell, Fluence Automation, Zebra Robotics, Boston Dynamics, Voodoo Robotics, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, CubiScan, and so on, integrating with a wide range of devices such as barcode scanners, thermal printers, scanners, pick-to-light-devices, picking robots, dimension analyzers and more. This allows warehouse personnel to explore the possibility of automating a wide range of warehouse management actions and even entire processes.

Hopstack Integration Management
Hardware integrations available in the Hopstack platform

Easy Setup

All of the integrations available in the Hopstack platform are designed to ensure that setting them up is as easy as possible. For most software integrations, the setup is as simple as clicking a few buttons, and for integrations with hardware devices, it's as simple as installing the platform's companion app onto the device. And if a client needs a specific integration that is not available on the platform yet, Hopstack's team of product experts is always ready to help.

Automate Entire Processes

The locus robotics integrations coupled with the proprietary algorithms and the rule engine available in the platform empower warehouse managers and business owners to automate not just single actions, but entire workflows and processes.

For example, think of the picking process. Handheld devices can assist picking personnel to navigate to the exact aisle and bin where the item to be picked is stored, after which the in-built barcode scanner will scan to verify the accuracy of the location that the picker has arrived at.

Once verified, the picker will place the required item into a basket and place the basket onto a conveyor belt or a picking robot, which will automatically deposit the basket to the required packing table. Pickers can also be assisted by pick-to-light devices which will accurately indicate the precise location of the bin to the picker using lights and visual cues.

Or think of the outbound process. Once the order has been packed, it can be placed on a conveyor belt which is empowered with scanners that accurately transport the packed order to the respective shipping station. Thereafter, a palleting machine can accept that packet and place it into a pallet, which is then transported into the 3PL provider's truck through automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Similarly, using any combination of warehouse robots and devices, multiple processes like packing, receiving, sorting, dimensional analysis, quality checks, and more. The possibilities are endless with Hopstack.

Streamline and Unlock Efficiency

By using robotics-enabled warehouse automation powered by the Hopstack platform, warehouses can streamline operational efficiency and unlock efficiencies that were never possible before. This leads to higher productivity and consequently, higher profit margins for the warehouse.

Additionally, it also reduces human error and safeguards against human injuries, thereby making the warehouse a safer place. It also helps in boosting customer satisfaction since the unlocked efficiency is eventually translated into shorter fulfillment times for orders. And lastly, employing robots in the warehouse automatically positions the company to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, thereby helping the company position itself as an innovative organization.

Robotics and warehouse automation is on the track to becoming the next mainstream movement in warehouse operations. Staying ahead of the curve and implementing it as an early adopter will help businesses stay competitive and Hopstack's powerful robotics integration is here to help warehouse managers make that implementation swift and easy.

To learn more about Hopstack’s robotics integrations and automation capabilities, fill out the form to get in touch with a product expert. 

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