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BSR (Best-Seller Rank)

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BSR (Best-Seller Rank)

Amazon BSF full form in warehouse management terminology stands for Amazon Best Sellers Rank. 

In Amazon’s catalog of millions, An Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) means a number that nearly every product in its catalog is awarded once the item has had at least one sale. The lower the BSR number in Amazon, the better its sales will be. 

Amazon BSR uses sales and historical sales data, and hence is an indicator of both how well a product has sold in the past and how well it has sold in the last few hours. It is a perfect indicator of how good a product is performing on Amazon.

A good Amazon BSR means somewhere between 1 to 10000 which will mean the product is in the Top 3% or Top 5%. 

How To Improve Amazon BSR?

  • Optimize your product listings consistently
  • Competitive and Strategic pricing for your products
  • Feature engaging high-quality product visuals 
  • Add video to listings for better shopping experience

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