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Hopstack and Zilingo Features

Founded in 2015, Zilingo Shopping is a B2C marketplace network where buyers and sellers can easily buy and sell items related to fashion, lifestyle, health, and beauty online.
Zilingo’s sales volume exceeds $1 Billion annually. Headquartered in Singapore and operates in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States, Australia, and the Philippines.

Salient features

  • Real-time order retrieval from Zilingo to Hopstack platform.
  • Synchronization of multiple customers' orders for 3PL companies serving Zilingo sellers.
  • Even if Zilingo fulfills the order, you can keep track of its location and status.
  • Organize customer-facing returns and exchanges for orders.
  • Using the Hopstack platform, catalog management is simultaneously available for Zilingo and other sales channels.


Inventory Management

  • Sync product identifiers like UPC, GBIN, EAN, etc. to centralize and automatically sync inventory.
  • Get alerts for SKUs based on predefined conditions and centrally manage buffer stock levels.
  • Importing a lot of items and SKUs in bulk.
  • Monitoring inventory levels and related activities in real time.
  • Prioritized dilution of stock based on batch numbers, FIFO, and/or expiration dates.
  • Create, manage, and sync with marketplace product kits and bundles.

Order Management

  • Synchronizing orders from multiple customers for 3PLs that serve Zilingo sellers.
  • A standardized procedure for all orders' order processing.
  • Utilize our robust rule engine to manage Zilingo exceptions and unique fulfillment flows.
  • Utilize the Hopstack platform audit trail to view the entire order cycle for each order and line item in real-time.
  • Download and print shipping labels and invoices produced by Hopstack and/or Zilingo as necessary.

Product Catalog Management

  • Real-time product listing management on Zilingo
  • The Hopstack Platform allows you to add, track, and edit products and their descriptions.
  • Specialized functionalities to update listings on specific sales channels
  • Manage any listing errors from Zilingo and track the product status with ease.
  • Create and manage product kits and bundles.

Logistics & Warehousing

  • Order distribution to pickers and packers is handled through a single, integrated operations process.
  • In accordance with the sales channel, assign last-mile carriers for orders.
  • Monitoring the warehouse's order movement.
  • User Roles Configuration
  • Bring front-end and back-end processes together.
  • Get real-time logistics updates.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Manage numerous stores from a single dashboard while viewing financial metrics in a single currency.
  • Check high and low-performing products & categories at a glance
  • Control and visibility of sellout data.
  • Keep tabs on performance and contrast it between brands, SKUs, and even kits and bundles.
  • Easily compare the sales results of two or more sales channels for a particular time frame.

Order Returns & Reverse Logistics Management

  • On the Hopstack platform, view all order return requests.
  • Automate receiving processes for orders that are returned.
  • Assess the quality of the products for resale by starting quality control workflows for returned orders.

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