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Hopstack and Zid Features

Zid a Saudi Arabia-based company, established in 2017, that provides eStore, Ecosystem, Empowerment, and Community to grow your e-commerce businesses.

Zid allows businesses and individuals to create their own e-commerce websites, generate products, and oversee orders and inventory.

The platform caters to businesses in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding areas and focuses on supporting local and regional eCommerce growth.

Key Functions of the Zid Integration:

  • Integrate all of your Zid orders onto the Hopstack order management system
  • Use a single dashboard to manage catalog and product information for Zid and other sales channels
  • Sync SKUs and inventory levels from Hopstack to your Zid store
  • Access real-time metrics and performance reports

All Functions of the Zid Integration:

Order Management:

  • Consolidate all orders from your Zid storefront in one dashboard with Hopstack
  • Use Hopstack's Rule Engine to batch orders based on specific characteristics and business rules
  • Connect Zid stores and sync orders for all your tenants
  • Manage exceptions and special fulfillment flows from Zid through Hopstack's powerful rule engine.
  • Use Hopstack's multi-warehouse functionality to route orders to the appropriate warehouse facility.

Inventory Synchronization:

  • Sync all SKUs and inventory levels both ways between Hopstack and your Zid store
  • Allocate inventory dynamically to Zid and other sales channels
  • Receive notifications for low-stock or out-of-stock for specific or all SKUs
  • Prioritize and synchronize inventory dilution based on expiry dates, batch numbers, and/or FIFO
  • Create and manage kits and bundles of products and sync with marketplaces.

Product Catalog Management:

  • Real-time sync of catalog between Hopstack and Zid web stores
  • Update all applicable product information on Hopstack and have it reflected on Zid and other storefronts
  • Easily create and sync bundles and kits with Zid products and inventory
  • Track product status and any associated errors in Zid listing

Order Returns and Reverse Logistics:

  • View all order return requests within the Hopstack platform
  • Automatically trigger workflows for the reverse logistics process
  • Customize and implement a quality control process for all order returns from Zid

Analytics and Reporting:

  • Compare the performance of Zid with other e-commerce, marketplace, and retail channels
  • Quickly identify high and low-performing products and categories
  • Gain complete visibility into inventory velocity and demand levels for each product

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