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Hopstack and Tiktok Shop Seller Center Features

TikTok Shops Seller Center is a comprehensive platform for online store management on TikTok. Active in Asia, Europe, and North America, it is available in 8 regions including Chinese mainland and HK (cross-border only), Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, and 1 region in Europe and North America. The platform offers product management, order fulfillment, and marketing tools to help merchants reach a wider audience and grow their businesses. With TikTok Shops Seller Center, merchants can easily set up and run their online store on TikTok's massive user base.

Salient Features

  • Real-time order retrieval from TikTok Shops Seller Center to Hopstack platform
  • Catalog management for TikTok Shops Seller Center and other sales channels at once within the Hopstack platform
  • Multi-customer order synchronization for 3PL providers catering to TikTok Shops Seller Center sellers
  • Manage returns and exchanges for orders through customers
  • Track orders status and location even if they are fulfilled by TikTok Shops Seller Center


Inventory Management

  • Centralize and automatically synchronize inventory
  • Sync product identifiers like UPC, GBIN, EAN, etc.
  • Centrally manage buffer stock levels and get alerts for SKUs based on preset conditions
  • Bulk import large number of products and SKUs
  • Real-time monitoring of inventory levels and inventory-related operations
  • Prioritized dilution of stock based on expiry dates, batch numbers, and/or FIFO
  • Create and manage kits & bundles of products and synchronize with marketplaces.

Order Management

  • Centralized order management dashboard to oversee fulfillment
  • Multi-customer order synchronization for 3PL catering to TikTok Shops Seller Center sellers
  • Standardized order processing flow for all orders
  • Manage exceptions and special fulfillment flows from TikTok Shops Seller Center through our powerful rule engine.
  • Track the complete order cycle for every order and line item in real-time using the Hopstack platform audit trail
  • Download and print shipping labels and invoices generated by TikTok Shops Seller Center and/or Hopstack, as required

Shipping Management

  • Automate the delivery of orders to fulfillment centers/customers through integrated 3PL and shipping providers from within the Hopstack platform
  • Integrate with 10+ shipping companies to find the best rate for shipping packages 
  • Use rule engine to enforce shipping conditions, priorities, and fulfillment actions for orders based on preset conditions.

Catalog and Listing Management

  • Real-time product listing management on TikTok Shops Seller Center
  • Add, monitor, and edit products and their descriptions within the Hopstack Platform
  • Specialized functionalities to update listings on select sales channels
  • Easily track the product status and manage listing errors, if any, from TikTok Shops Seller Center
  • Create and manage kits & bundles of products.

Logistics & Warehousing

  • Single unified operations process for assigning orders to pickers & packers
  • Assign last-mile carriers for orders based on sales channel
  • Track the order movement in the warehouse
  • Configure User Roles
  • Consolidate front-end and back-end processes
  • Get real-time logistics updates

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