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Hopstack and Paccurate Features

Paccurate is a cartonization software that works by taking the dimensions of the box as well as the products to be placed in the box to accurately determine which box size to use for a given order. It optimizes this suggestion based on:

  • Order details - How many items in an order
  • Business rules - Any specific business rules to be followed for orders 
  • SKU rules - Dimensions of the SKU, ability to break down items into components, size and shape, etc. 
  • Rate details - Type of packaging, etc.

Paccurate uses cost-aware cartonization and promises savings of up to 16% in transportation costs as well as high increases in packing efficiency. It is used by some of the largest companies in the world to increase the efficiency and sustainability of its packaging activities. Hopstack makes this integration available to customers to ensure maximum efficiency while performing packaging operations. 

Salient Features

  • Minimize environmental impact and spend by allowing Paccurate to recommend packaging materials for your Hopstack orders.
  • Provide consistent and constant packaging instructions so that warehouse agents can focus on getting the job done instead of “winging it”
  • Integrate in any part of your fulfillment process to ensure maximum savings in any stage between the shopping cart to the shipping station.


  • Support for fragile goods, compressible goods, as well as unique storage situations such as stacking, nesting and rolling. 
  • The integration also supports boxes of different sizes, types, materials, occasions, etc. 
  • The integration makes its recommendations based on transportation costs and seeks to minimize it by accurately predicting parcel weights and dimensions. 
  • Reduces parcel damage
  • Reduce usage of corrugated cardboard and other types of filler material, leading to lesser wastage
  • Give more precise shipping quotes based on accurate package dimensions and weightages
  • Compare shipping carriers more accurately to receive a wider range of shipping quotes

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