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Hopstack and NetSuite Features

Netsuite, also known as Oracle Netsuite, is one of the most widely-used ERP solutions in the world. It encompasses ERP, financials, CRM, and eCommerce management applications through a unified cloud-based SaaS application. Its central management capabilities allow enterprises and small businesses to centrally manage and maintain oversight over mission-critical business processes such as financials, HR, inventory, production, and so on. 

Salient Features

  • Sync order details and status from Hopstack to Netsuite seamlessly
  • Sync consignment details from Hopstack to Netsuite seamlessly
  • Sync product & inventory information from Hopstack to Netsuite and vice versa
  • Actively sync inventory levels and purchase order details to and from Netsuite directly through Hopstack
  • Receive Outbound Orders from Netsuite (ERP) for fulfillment.
  • These orders will run through the fulfillment workflow in Hopstack and send back the updates back to the ERP. The update from Hopstack should comprise of Fulfillment Status, Inventory update, carrier tracking information (if any)
  •  Fetch Product master information and their inventory from ERP. Hopstack will continue to send updates to warehouse inventory for those products as it changes during the fulfillment process.
  • Get consignment information from ERP. These consignments are for inbound shipments into the warehouse. They enable Hopstack customers to perform inbound receiving against the consignment. Hopstack then sends out receiving confirmation and the corresponding Inventory updates back to ERP.
  • Purchase Order details are also synced between ERP and Hopstack. Consignments are linked to the Purchase orders. In some cases, Consignments can directly be created inside Hopstack with reference to the purchase order


Sync Orders

  • Sync orders from Hopstack to Netsuite and vice versa
  • Sync order cancellations from Hopstack to Netsuite
  • Update fulfillment status, shipping details, inventory updates, and carrier tracking information of fulfilled orders from Hopstack to Netsuite

Catalog Management Functions

  • Sync products from Hopstack to Netsuite or vice versa
  • Update product details such as name, cost price, MRP, and selling price from Hopstack to Netsuite
  • Update item details from Netsuite to Hopstack, including all product, attributes necessary from a fulfillment perspective.

Sync Inventory & Purchase Orders

  • Sync inventory levels from Netsuite to Hopstack in real-time
  • Sync purchase order details from Netsuite to Hopstack and create inbound consignments automatically (in some cases)
  • Fetch product master information and inventory from Netsuite to Hopstack. Continue to send updates to warehouse inventory for those products as it changes during the fulfillment process.
  • Aggregate inventory data from all suppliers into one convenient location, powered by the Hopstack platform

Invoicing and Payments

Sync invoice & payment details from Netsuite to Hopstack and vice versa

Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

  • Issue sales orders and purchase orders from Netsuite and fulfill them directly through the Hopstack platform without separately needing to add details to both platforms
  • Create, share and export purchase orders from within the Hopstack platform using details synced from Netsuite, such as vendors, SKUs, payment details, etc.

Custom Integrations

Ability to create custom integrations and fetch other data from the Netsuite ERP through developments (created on a case-by-case basis)

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