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Hopstack and Myntra Features

Myntra is the largest e-commerce store in India for fashion and lifestyle products. 

Myntra was established in 2007 and presently it features 500 leading Indian and international brands and sells over 150,000 products.

Myntra became a part of an American multinational retailer Walmart in 2018.

Salient features

  • Consolidate all orders from Myntra and other sales channels into a single dashboard.
  • From a single platform, manage the whole eCommerce operation.
  • Order retrieval in real-time from Myntra to the Hopstack platform.
  • According to business requirements and rules, sync inventory data and distribute resources dynamically.
  • Organize customer returns and exchanges for purchases.
  • Keep track of the orders' progress and location.

Key Integration Functions

Inventory Management

  • Centralized and automatic synchronization of inventory.
  • Sync product identifiers and barcodes.
  • Receive alerts for SKUs based on established criteria and centrally manage buffer stock levels.
  • Hopstack imports a substantial number of products and SKUs in bulk from Myntra.
  • Real-time tracking of inventory levels and related activities.
  • Dilution of stock is prioritized based on expiry dates, batch numbers, and/or FIFO.
  • Create and manage product bundles and kits.

Order Management

  • Dashboard for managing orders and tracking fulfillment in one place
  • Order synchronization across many clients for 3PLs supporting Myntra merchant's consistent order processing for all orders.
  • Manage exceptions and special fulfillment flows from Myntra through Hopstack's powerful rule engine.
  • Keep track of the whole order cycle for each order and line item in real-time by using the audit trail of the Hopstack platform.
  • Download and print any relevant invoices and shipping labels created by Myntra and/or Hopstack.

Shipping Management

  • Utilizing integrated 3PL and shipping suppliers, automate the delivery of Myntra orders from the Hopstack platform to fulfillment facilities and customers.
  • Integrate with more than 10 shipping carriers to find the lowest prices and turnaround times for shipping items to Myntra consumers.
  • Utilize the Hopstack Rule Engine to enforce priorities, shipping conditions, and fulfillment actions for orders.

Catalog and Listing Management

  • Product listings on Myntra are managed in real-time.
  • Add products, watch their progress, and edit their descriptions inside the Hopstack Platform.
  • Updated listings on specific sales channels with Hopstack’s specialized functionality
  • Easily monitor the status of the product and take care of any listing mistakes made by Myntra.
  • Create and manage product bundles and kits.
  • Sync the required barcodes for the line item or bundle.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Manage many stores from a single dashboard and view financial metrics in a single currency.
  • Check out the top and bottom-performing products and categories on the Myntra marketplace.
  • Gain access to sellout data, take control of it and link it with your Myntra seller account.
  • On the Myntra marketplace, keep track of and compare performance between brands, SKUs, and even kits and bundles
  • With ease, compare the sales performance of Myntra over a given time period to that of other sales channels.

Order Returns & Reverse Logistics Management

  • View every request for an order return on the Hopstack platform.
  • Implement receiving workflows automatically for orders that are returned.
  • Assess the quality of the products for resale by starting quality control workflows for returned orders.

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