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Magento, owned by Adobe, is one of the largest providers of e-commerce infrastructure. Their tools and services help in building online stores, driving both B2B and B2B, enabling omnichannel sales, and more. Magento’s customers collectively have had sales worth over $150 billion in Gross Merchandise Value. 

Key Functions of the Magento Integration:

  1. Source all your Magento orders onto the Hopstack order management system
  2. Sync SKUs and inventory levels from Hopstack to your Magento store
  3. Manage catalog and product information for Magento and other sales channels from one single dashboard
  4. As a 3PL, seamlessly connect to Magento and all other sales channels of your tenants
  5. Retrieve metrics and performance reports in real time

All Functions of the Magento Integration

Order Management

  1. Sync all orders from your Magento storefront in one consolidated dashboard
  2. Batch orders based on specific characteristics and business rules with Hopstack’s Rule Engine
  3. Connect Magento stores and sync orders for all your tenants
  4. Manage exceptions and special fulfillment flows from Magento through our powerful rule engine.
  5. Route orders to the appropriate warehouse facility with Hopstack’s multi-warehouse functionality.

Inventory Synchronization

  1. Sync both-ways all the SKUs and the inventory levels for each of them with your Magento store
  2. Dynamically allocate inventory to Magento and all other sales channels
  3. Get notified in the instances of low stock and out-of-stock for certain/all SKUs
  4. Synchronized and prioritized dilution of stock based on expiry dates, batch numbers, and/or FIFO
  5. Create and manage kits & bundles of products and synchronize with marketplaces and e-commerce stores.

Product Catalog Management

  1. Sync catalog between Hopstack and Magento web stores in real-time
  2. Update all applicable product information on Hopstack and have it reflected on Magento and other storefronts
  3. Seamlessly create bundles and kits and sync with the Magento products and inventory
  4. Easily track product status and any associated errors in Magento listing

Order Returns and Reverse Logistics

  1. View all order return requests inside of the Hopstack platform
  2. Configure and automatically trigger workflows for the reverse logistics process
  3. Customize and implement a quality control process for all order returns from Magento 

Analytics and Reporting

  1. Track and compare the performance of Magento with all other e-commerce/marketplace/retail channels
  2. Check high and low-performing products & categories at a glance
  3. Achieve complete visibility into inventory velocity and demand levels for each product