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Hopstack and Etsy Features

Etsy Inc. operates a global online marketplace for unique, original items. As a global marketplace with at least 2.1 million sellers from 234 countries, Etsy attracts over 40 million buyers. There are sellers selling handmade things, vintage items, and unique crafts at the market. The jewelry, handbags, clothing, home décor, and a wide range of other product categories on the site are the most popular ones.

Salient features

  • Consolidate all orders from Etsy and other sales platforms into a single dashboard.
  • Manage every aspect of your eCommerce marketplace from a single platform.
  • real-time order retrieval from Etsy to the Hopstack platform.
  • Sync inventory data, then dynamically distribute according to needs and business criteria.
  • Manage order swaps and returns from customers.
  • Keep track of the orders' locations and status.

Key Integration Functions

Order Management

  • Dashboard for central order management to tracking fulfillment.
  • For a 3PL that serves Etsy sellers, synchronizing multiple customer orders.
  • All orders are processed using the same standard procedure.
  • Through our robust rule engine, manage exceptions and unique fulfillment flows from Etsy.
  • You can follow each order's entire order cycle in real-time using the Hopstack platform audit trail.
  • Download and print shipping labels and invoices produced by Hopstack and/or Etsy as necessary.

Catalog and Listing Management

  • Real-time management of product listings on Etsy
  • Add, track, and edit products and their descriptions inside the Hopstack Platform.
  • Specific features for updating listings on particular sales channels.
  • Manage any Etsy listing errors and easily keep track of the product status.
  • Create and maintain product kits and bundles.

Logistics & Warehousing

  • Using a unified operations procedure, orders are distributed to pickers and packers.
  • Give orders to last-mile carriers based on the sales channel.
  • Follow the flow of orders through the warehouse.
  • Configure user roles.
  • Streamline the operations on the front and back ends.
  • Obtain up-to-date logistical knowledge.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Manage various stores from a single dashboard and view financial data in a single currency.
  • View quickly the high and low-performing items and categories.
  • Get access to and command over sellout data.
  • The performance of various brands, SKUs, and even kits and bundles should be tracked and compared.
  • For a specific time period, quickly compare the sales figures from two or more sales channels.

Order Returns & Reverse Logistics Management

  • Check out every request for an order return on the Hopstack platform.
  • Automate receiving procedures for returned orders.
  • Start quality control procedures for returned orders to evaluate the product quality for resale.

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