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Amazon is one of the largest online retailers and e-commerce platforms that connects millions of merchants and buyers globally. Amazon’s e-commerce store includes products from a multitude of categories such as clothing, beauty supplies, gourmet food, jewelry, books, movies, electronics, pet supplies, furniture, toys, garden supplies and household goods. The e-commerce platform enables sellers/merchants to sell their products under its Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) and Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)/Fulfilled-by-Merchant (FBM) programs. 

Salient Features

  1. Manage product catalogs and update product details in real time
  2. Retrieve all orders from Amazon and other sales channels and have them consolidated in one multi-channel fulfillment dashboard
  3. Sync inventory details and allocate dynamically based on business rules
  4. Manage order returns and exchanges seamlessly
  5. Enable smooth error-free FBA and MFN/FBM operations 
  6. Manage inventory, orders and shipping from one streamlined platform
  7. Enabled support for Amazon Global Selling to empower merchants to sell in international Amazon stores (Americas, Europe and India currently supported)
  8. Enabled support for Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) sellers to fulfill Prime™ orders through the MFN route

Key Integration Functions

Inventory & Order Management

  • Automatically synchronize inventory between Amazon Seller Central & Hopstack Platform
  • Sync product identifiers and barcodes like UPC, EAN, ASIN, FNSKU, and more
  • Centrally manage buffer stock levels and get alerts for SKUs based on preset conditions.
  • Real-time monitoring of inventory levels
  • Prioritized dilution of stock based on expiry dates, batch numbers, and/or FIFO
  • Create and manage kits & bundles of products and synchronize with merchant’s Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Centralized order management dashboard to oversee operations across the entire fulfillment journey (inbound, storage and outbound)

Multi-Merchant & Multi-Channel Fulfillment

  • Multi-customer order synchronization for 3PLs and Prep Centers catering to Amazon sellers from one platform
  • Standardized order processing flow for all orders across all channels and/or merchants
  • Manage exceptions and special fulfillment flows from Amazon through our powerful rule engine for specific merchants
  • Track the complete order cycle for every order and line item in real-time using the audit trail feature on Hopstack
  • Download and print shipping labels and invoices generated by Amazon and/or Hopstack, as required
  • [Coming soon] Generate shipping labels for MFN and SFP merchants via access to Personally Identifiable Information 
  • [Coming soon] Ship orders internationally across any Amazon store using Amazon’s Global Shipping Program

Shipping Solutions

  • Automate the delivery of Amazon orders to fulfillment centers/customers through integrated 3PL and shipping providers from within the Hopstack platform
  • Integrate with Amazon partnered and non-partnered carriers to enable shipment of consignments, parcels, LTL/FTL shipments of normal as well as HAZMAT-classified goods (as specified by Amazon)
  • Use the Hopstack Rule Engine to enforce shipping conditions, priorities, and fulfillment actions for orders based on preset conditions.
  • Integrate with 10+ shipping carriers and aggregators to automatically generate shipping labels to fulfill orders or send shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Catalog and Listing Management

  • Real-time product listing management on Amazon
  • Add, monitor, and edit products and their descriptions within the Hopstack Platform
  • Granular control over the updation of listings on selected sales channels
  • Easily track the product status and manage listing errors, if any, from Amazon

Analytics & Reporting

  • View merchant performance metrics for your entire prep center or for a single merchant, in a unified, configurable dashboard
  • Check high and low-performing products & categories for merchants
  • Achieve control & visibility over sellout data and sync the same with your Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Track and compare performance between brands, SKUs, and even kits/bundles on the Amazon marketplace
  • Easily compare Amazon’s sales performance with other sales channels for a given period

Order Returns & Reverse Logistics Management

  • View all order return requests within the Hopstack platform
  • Automatically implement specialized receiving + QC workflows for returned orders
  • Trigger quality control workflows for returned orders to assess the resale quality of products and initiate dilution protocols for damaged products.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Learn more about how Hopstack simplifies the process for Prep Centers and FBA Merchants here

  • Automate the creation of the shipping plan based on configurable triggers such as inventory levels, time, and more. 
  • Synchronize prepping and packing requirements from Amazon’ seller guidelines and ensure 100% compliance. 
  • Easily on-board FBA sellers and seamlessly create inbound consignments.
  • Enable merchants to view their inventory and fulfillment activity using Hopstack’s multi-tenant model.
  • Automate shipping plan creation with Amazon Partner Carriers and automatically generate and print shipping and box labels.