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Small Parcel Delivery (SPD)

Definition, meaning, and explanation of

Small Parcel Delivery (SPD)

Amazon Small Parcel Delivery (SPD) is a shipping option offered by Amazon Carrier Partner Program. 

Amazon SPD means individual boxes/packages of products (case packed or individual packed) that are sent to the Amazon warehouse. SPD has a limit of 200 items when using a partner carrier.

Utilizing a wide network of couriers, Amazon Small Parcel Delivery offers fast and secure delivery at competitive prices. With this new delivery service, Amazon is looking to make online shopping even easier and more efficient than ever before.

Major Benefits of Amazon SPD:

  • Ability to ship small amounts of product quantity
  • Simpler prepping, packing, and labeling procedures
  • Quicker availability of inventory in Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers

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