Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)

SSCC is an 18-digit numerical identifier used in the electronic tracking and management of shipping units

What is SSCC?

The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is an 18-digit numerical identifier used in the electronic tracking and management of shipping units. A key component of global supply chain logistics, the SSCC provides a unique identifier for each shipment, enabling seamless tracking and management from origin to destination. This system is integral to modern logistics operations, especially for businesses involved in large-scale shipping and receiving.

Components of the SSCC:

1. Extension Digit (1 digit)

A numeric value (0-9) used to increase the capacity of the serial reference.

2. GS1 Company Prefix (7-10 digits)

A unique number assigned to a company by GS1, identifying the company that is shipping the goods.

3. Serial Reference Number (6-9 digits)

A number assigned by the holder of the GS1 Company Prefix to uniquely identify a shipping container.

4. Check Digit (1 digit)

Calculated using the other digits in the code, it ensures the SSCC's accuracy and integrity.

Usage of SSCC:

SSCC is used extensively in logistics and supply chain management for tracking and tracing shipments. By scanning the SSCC barcode, stakeholders can access crucial information about the shipment, such as its origin, destination, and contents. This system is particularly vital in complex supply chains where precise coordination is required among manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and customers.

Example of SSCC:

A typical SSCC might look like '106141411234567890'. This code, when scanned, reveals essential shipping information and helps in tracking the package throughout its journey.

Formation of SSCC:

To create an SSCC, a company first needs a GS1 Company Prefix. The company then generates a unique Serial Reference Number for each shipping unit. After combining these with an Extension Digit, the Check Digit is calculated and added to complete the 18-digit SSCC.

Implementation of SSCC:

The implementation of SSCC enhances the efficiency of supply chain operations by providing a standardized method for tracking shipments globally. Its adoption ensures accuracy in delivery, reduces the potential for errors, and improves overall logistical efficiency. For businesses engaged in international trade and distribution, mastering the use of SSCC is a critical step towards achieving streamlined and effective supply chain management.