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Order Picking Accuracy

Definition, meaning, and explanation of

Order Picking Accuracy

What is Order Picking Accuracy?

Percentage of orders picked without errors, such as wrong items or incorrect quantities.

How to calculate Order Picking Accuracy?

(Total Orders - Total Orders with Picking Errors) / Total Orders * 100

What is the business impact of Order Picking Accuracy? 

  • Higher picking accuracy in turn improves the overall order accuracy
  • Improves the overall customer satisfaction
  • Reduces the order return rate
  • Reduces the overall fulfillment cost and improves the overall efficiency of operations

Industry benchmark for Order Picking Accuracy

In many warehouses, the benchmark for Order Picking Accuracy is considered to be 99-99.5%

How to improve Order Picking Accuracy?

  • Ensure accurate product placements to avoid mispicks by the associates to improve order picking accuracy. 
  • Implement picking technologies like Pick to Light, Pick by Vision, scanner-based picking to reduce order picking errors.
  • Introduce barcode scanning for products and bin locations or pallet positions for more efficient and accurate picking
  • Focus on employee training to minimize picking errors and improve accuracy
  • Use a warehouse worker-friendly app for guided picking that also helps detect errors and inaccuracies. 

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