Warehousing Metrics Glossary

Order Fulfillment Throughput

Definition, meaning, and explanation of

Order Fulfillment Throughput

What is Order fulfillment Throughput?

The number of orders processed and shipped per hour or day.

How to calculate Order fulfillment Throughput?

Total Orders Shipped / Time Period (Hours or Days)

What is the business impact of Order Fulfillment Throughput?

Higher throughput indicates efficient order processing and shipping, leading to increased capacity and customer satisfaction.

How to improve Order Fulfillment Throughput?

  • Optimize warehouse layout to maximize the throughput. 
  • Codify the warehouse locations with barcodes to increase efficiency and improve the Order Fulfillment Throughput
  • Introduce automated data capture devices like barcode scanners and PDAs.
  • Implement Warehouse Management Systems to improve efficiency and accuracy in every warehousing activity. 
  • Install Warehouse automation for specific processes e.g. picking, inventory movement. This in turn will help improve the throughput. 

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