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Order Cycle Time

Definition, meaning, and explanation of

Order Cycle Time

What is Order Cycle Time?

Time taken from order placement via the respective sales channel by the customer to final order delivery.

How to calculate Order Cycle Time?

(Sum of Order Cycle Times for All Orders) / Total Orders where order cycle time for individual orders is calculated as (Order delivery time - Order Placement time)

What is the business impact of Order Cycle Time?

Shorter cycle times improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Industry benchmark for Order Cycle Time

In B2C e-commerce, the industry benchmark for Order Cycle Time is 3-5 days

How to improve Order Cycle Time?

  • Automate post-purchase order processing time through an integrated platform
  • Select the right carrier to minimize the delivery time
  • Optimize delivery route planning by the carriers to improve delivery times

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