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Inbound Order Accuracy

Definition, meaning, and explanation of

Inbound Order Accuracy

What is Inbound Order Accuracy?

Inbound order accuracy measures the percentage of inbound orders that are received without any errors or discrepancies.

How to calculate Inbound Order Accuracy?

Inbound Order Accuracy = (Number of accurate inbound orders / Total number of inbound orders) x 100

What is the business impact of Inbound Order Accuracy?

High inbound order accuracy makes inventory available for outbound shipments, increases customer satisfaction, and establishes a positive relationship with suppliers.

Industry benchmark for Inbound Order Accuracy

Greater than 98%

How to improve Inbound Order Accuracy?

  • Implement a robust quality control system at the inbound stage.
  • Communicate effectively with suppliers and share all necessary requirements.
  • Build integrations with suppliers' systems and freight companies for inbound shipment visibility

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