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CNF (Cost and Freight)

What is CNF?

CNF, short for Cost and Freight (also known as CFR, Cost and Freight), is a common term used in international trade to denote a shipping agreement where the seller is responsible for the cost of transporting goods to a specified destination port. 

Under CNF terms, the seller pays for all the costs (including freight) to bring the goods to the port of destination. However, once the goods reach the destination port, the responsibility shifts to the buyer, including risks and additional costs associated with unloading, customs clearance, and onward transportation.

Responsibility of Goods Under CNF:

  • The seller is responsible for arranging and paying for the transportation of goods up to the destination port. This includes export fees, carriage charges, and any costs up to the destination port.
  • Once the goods arrive at the destination port, the buyer assumes all responsibility. This includes unloading costs, import duties, taxes, and any further transportation costs.

CNF vs CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight):

The key difference lies in the insurance coverage. In CNF, the buyer is responsible for insuring the goods during transit. In CIF, the seller also includes insurance along with the cost and freight charges, ensuring the goods are insured until they reach the destination port.

CNF vs COB (Cash on Board):

COB is less commonly used and generally refers to the payment terms rather than the shipping responsibilities. It implies that payment is made once the goods are loaded onto the ship. In contrast, CNF strictly defines the cost and freight responsibilities without specifying the payment terms.

Understanding these terms is crucial for businesses engaged in international trade. CNF agreements are often preferred by buyers who have better control over the shipping process and can negotiate lower insurance rates independently. However, it requires buyers to have a good understanding of the shipping process and associated risks post-shipment arrival at the destination port. The choice between CNF, CIF, and other shipping terms depends on the specific needs, risk appetite, and expertise of the trading parties.

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