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Case Packed Products

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Case Packed Products

Case Packed Amazon is an Amazon FBA packing arrangement where the shipment boxes contain the same products with identical SKUs in the exact condition. 

A merchant can specify the number of cases/boxes and the number of units of each item in each box while preparing the Shipping Plan. Case Packed allows a maximum of 150 units of a SKU in a box.

Case Packed products must meet the following criteria as per the guidelines set by Amazon:

  • The case packed limit is 150 units per case
  • Products be in a box with matching condition and SKU
  • All boxes with the same product must also have the same quantities or equal portions of that product. 
    • For example - A case pack of 15 units must also contain 15 items per unit

FBA case packs can be split along the contents and sold separately. You can choose Amazon case packed if the shipment has multiple types of products but those different types are packed separately in different boxes

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