FBA/FBM Glossary

Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant)

Definition, meaning, and explanation of

Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant)

What does Amazon FBM stand for?

Amazon FBM stands for Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant. 

What is FBM on Amazon?

Amazon Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) allows sellers to list their products on Amazon and choose to ship products to each buyer themselves. They are responsible for fulfilling their orders and do not rely on Amazon for the same. 

Is FBM better than FBA?

While it's advantageous for products with lower margins, Amazon FBM is rather overlooked owing to easy shipping, handling, and other benefits that come with Amazon FBA.

FBM is better for small scale businesses with small margins and less inventory that can be managed internally where FBA is better for large scale or medium sized businesses who have high amounts of inventory that they ship to different locations and have high amounts of orders. 

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Is Amazon FBM right for you?

Amazon fulfillment by Merchant or FBM is right for you if you:

  • Have large or heavy items
  • Have a small amount of inventory
  • Have temperature-sensitive products
  • Have highly fragile products 
  • Sell a low volume of products
  • Have enough internal storage space
  • Have an existing logistics system
  • Deal with minimal fulfillment requirements

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