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BridgeCap Partners, Fort Worth based logistics-focused private equity, firm, and Hopstack, a leading Omni-channel Warehouse Management System (WMS) SaaS, are joining forces to redefine efficiency in the 3PL industry. Capitalizing on BridgeCap's strategic investment approach and Hopstack's technological prowess, the alliance aims to foster operational improvements and productivity within third-party logistics industry.


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BridgeCap Partners is a Fort Worth-based real estate investment platform with an investment philosophy focused on developing deep-rooted connections in logistically-relevant locations to create deal flow, investor value, and a broader sense of meaning. The team’s unique experience, relationships, and skill sets enable it to mitigate risk and maximize profits within a market space that is not commonly accessed by traditional real estate investors.

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Hopstack, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the provider of an advanced AI-powered warehouse operating system to automate and optimize warehouse management, control, and execution. The platform bridges the gap between an ERP and a legacy WMS by enhancing efficiency and enabling granular visibility at every step of the fulfillment process. Hopstack currently has e-commerce, 3PL, and manufacturing clientele in North America (US and Canada), UK, and APAC.

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