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Enhance worker safety by location intelligence

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The cost of worker injury or fatality at Industrial sites is immense. Not only it may lead to loss of lives but has a direct economic impact on the Industrial output and hence subsequently on the state's GDP. There were more than 4 million work-related injuries reported in 2017 as per the numbers released by the National Safety Council that translates to an occurrence every 7 seconds. A high percentage of these incidents occur in harsh settings of Industrial plants, Production floors, construction sites, refineries, and warehouses. These injuries resulted in 104 million lost production days and $161 billion in medical expenses and productivity losses. Let these numbers sink in for a minute. here.

Ensuring worker safety while deployed at remote equipment or operational sites is one of the critical challenges for the industry today. Keeping workers safe and achieving a higher rate of utilization results in a positive impact on the bottom line, leads to better operational efficiency and a higher degree of regulatory compliance. While technology cannot directly eliminate every safety hazard, but it can play a significant role in identifying patterns in incidents for improving future safety initiatives. Besides, connected IoT sensors on worker safety gears and the critical insights derived from the generated data can prevent a large number of threats.

IoT driven location intelligence for worker safety

Here at Hopstack, we are building one such Industrial worker intelligence platform powered by our proprietary location and monitoring algorithms to help you with the following aspects:

Improved Worker Safety

Floor and Operation Managers can visualize worker location and movements and be aware of their whereabouts in real-time. They can also be alerted instantaneously for any safety violations and worsening of environmental conditions. Worker locations also ensure no person is left behind during evacuations and safety drills.

Regulatory Compliance

Most Industrial environments are required to maintain and produce safety data for regulatory audits by OSHA or other safety governing bodies. Hopstack's real-time data capture will automate and improve traditional data collection methods. The ability to share safety data can also help Industrial companies to save on insurance premiums.

Workforce Efficiency

Facilitate operation managers to identify bottlenecks in existing allocation and process flows and improve them. Real-time location of workers at sites will further empower managers to achieve higher utilization. Improved worker efficiency will enable organizations to enhance their operational throughput and improve the bottom-line.

Predictive Intelligence

Use Hopstack's predictive analytics capabilities to forecast future labor needs and costs. The robust analytical engine can further aid in identifying patterns in incidences to implement better safety procedures and prevent future occurrences.

Contact us to know more about ways to improve worker safety at you Industrial sites.

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